Mining under our water catchment?

Illawarra Residents say


to Wollongong Coal’s expansion project

About IRRM

Illawarra Residents for Responsible Mining is a community group that formed in 2011 to oppose the expansion of the Gujarat NRE No. 1 Colliery in Russell Vale (now named Wollongong Coal Ltd’s Russell Vale Colliery) in NSW, Australia.  We advocate for responsibility in mining, mining which puts the health and well-being of ordinary people and of the environment ahead of corporate mining interests.

About Wollongong Coal

Wollongong Coal wants to expand coal mining in our drinking water catchment, but the company has a record of financial weakness, technical incapacity and frequent breaches of the conditions of its mining licence.

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About the expansion

Wollongong Coal plans to expand the Russell Vale mine, mining a third seam of coal beneath two previously mined coal seams up to the shores of the Cataract Reservoir. The area above this mining is unstable, riddled with – and still moving as a result of – previous mining.  And while in recent times coal was trucked out of the Russell Vale Colliery, Wollongong Coal now plans to process the coal on site in the densely populated residential area.

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2 months ago

Illawarra Residents for Responsible Mining (IRRM)

Hicks St Creek, Russell Vale on a weekend of heavy rain. This creek runs off the coal slag heap located partly on Wollongong Coal's Russell Vale Colliery land and partly on Wollongong City Council land. The colliery's sediment control was insufficient to handle the volume of water that fell on the slag heap. Once again coal and muck flowed down the creek and out into the Bellambi wetlands. The water pollution log (see comments) shows clear exceedance in water pollution.

Isn't it time the State Government and Wollongong City Council shut down and remediated the Russell Vale slag heap?

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
City of Wollongong
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